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2022 Workforce Solutions Innovation Day Winners

Innovation Day 2022

Sharing some highlights of a successful day of collaboration, fun and teamwork among ReadyTechers from the Design, Product and Technology Teams in 3 countries (Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam). Innovation is important to ReadyTech and our annual virtual innovation day is an opportunity to bring together tech-minded types into one (often sugar and coffee-fuelled) location

Virtual Innovation Day Creates Real-World Workforce Management Solutions

Readytech Innovation Day 2022

ReadyTech’s payroll and workforce management clients will benefit from a virtual innovation day that brought together technology teams from across the Region. ‘Hackathons’ are usually an in-person affair. Bringing tech-minded types together into one (often sugar and coffee-fuelled) location, they typically involve working in close-knit, competitive groups over laptop and mobile screens for 24 –

Introducing the PhoenixHRIS brand refresh – Ready Employ

Blog Introducing The Phoenixhris Brand Refresh Ready Employ

Today we’re excited to launch our fresh new logo and rebranding of PhoenixHRIS as Ready Employ powered by Phoenix. As announced earlier this year, PhoenixHRIS was the latest online recruitment and onboarding platform to join the ReadyTech family. We are excited about the new brand, as it marks the next evolution in our journey, united

Update to the Pieceworkers minimum wage for Horticulture Businesses

Blog Update To The Pieceworkers Minimum Wage For Horticulture Businesses

The Fair Work Commission decided to change piecework rules in the Horticulture Award, effective from 28 April 2022. Pieceworkers covered by the Horticulture Award, are employees who get paid by the piece. Their pay is based on the amount the employee has picked, packed, pruned or made. Which businesses does this affect? The businesses under

Are you ready for Single Touch Payroll Phase 2?

Readytech Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 Blog Article

What is Single Touch Payroll? Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a payroll reporting system introduced by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) back in 2018. Originally for employers with 20+ employees, it was extended to cover all employers in 2021. There have now been over 13 million employees’ payroll information reported via STP. The introduction of