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Veriu Group

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Hospitality and Accommodation

Name:  Veriu Group
Sector: Hotels
Employees:  300+
Type: Hospitality and Accommodation
Region:  Australia – East Coast
(Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane)
Products: Hotel, Suites and Apartments

Veriu Group’s vision is to bring people together in new ways to create lifelong travel memories that can’t be found in a guidebook, and to help people discover the true experience of a place. Veriu Group does this across two brands, Veriu HOTELS & SUITES and PUNTHILL APARTMENT HOTELS, which collectively have been operating in Australian accommodation for well over 30 years.

“Ready Workforce has enabled us to move away from
paper resources, something that we really heavily relied on in the past, something that we’ve been really lucky to move away from. My department really needed to be set up in a way where it can operate in my absence, when I take leave and also, it’s easy to hand over when my team grows.”

The challenge

Common in many hotel groups and businesses, Veriu Group didn’t have an onsite HR department at each hotel site. Instead, they had a centralised structure where HR and other services were part of the corporate office. Finding a system that could be implemented and managed centrally by the HR team and can flow across departments, with details and information accessed by relevant managers was their top priority.

Veriu Group was heavily paper-based, with a highly manual, paper-based HR and payroll operation system. With a workforce of typically 300-400 people, and a growing ambition to expand the business and
team, all payroll processes were centralised to one person. At the same time, Veriu Group was going through the acquisition of PUNTHILL APARTMENT HOTELS, which meant that processes and procedures would continue to evolve over the next 12 to 24 months, so they required a system that would adapt and accommodate growth without getting complicated. As well as requiring an easy self-service experience for the team was important to be representative of their brand.

“We wanted easy functionality, something that didn’t require our team to remember multiple passwords. We also wanted something that was scalable. We have pretty ambitious growth plans and we hope to open between 80 to 100 hotels by the year 2030.”

Veriu Group

“I was a department of one person, so it was really crucial that I didn’t waste time switching between different systems to get my job done and then I could set up workflows across all aspects of HR to increase efficiency. We needed to ensure that this frequent movement could be managed easily and seamlessly, and that real time data was available to not only HR but the managers that manage the team as well.”

The solution

Ready Workforce Feature Highlights

Employee Self Service
Payroll – managed services
Time Clocks
Report Writer

There are a number of reasons why we chose to opt in for an all-in-one HR and payroll system. We wanted a system that could be easily managed centrally, great user experience and could grow with us. We implemented Ready Workforce, a complete HRIS cloud-based solution. When Ready Workforce was introduced to the business, it was done so at a pretty basic level with the aim of just implementing the functionality and workflows in stages.

“As our business grew, what really sold us on Ready Workforce was that the processes were scalable in the system and it enabled me to essentially manage our entire workforce in real-time, even across different business entities. Ready Workforce also had date effective fields, which means when you update certain aspects of an employee profile, whether it be their job title, their pay rate, leave entitlements, their work type – all of those have a date effective field, so you can actually go in and proactively enter the details, but set them to come into effect at a future date.”

The system enables a fluid workforce and is fully customizable, with fields and settings customized to your business needs. Everything is triggered through the right process and automated workflows. As HR team of 2 now, it’s saved so much time being able to ask team members to go directly into their self-service profile portal to request leave, shift exchanges and personal details.

Reporting is simple as all the required data is within the Ready Workforce platform. Everything is held in the system and can be easily pulled from the thousands of pre-built report library. You are sure to have what you want and if there isn’t, there’s a way to customise and build the report.

We have an in-house payroll module, but there have also been times we’ve outsourced the processing of our payroll to Ready Workforce. It’s been excellent to have an outsource provider when needed – take care of that entire process when they already know the business so intimately. The system is linked to the Time Clocks, which are approved by the hotel managers, so everything is already in the system ready for payroll.

Veriu Group

“Ready Workforce offers seamless approval processes for rostering, timesheets, leaves, and fully customisable forms. For recruitment, we have reports for approval to recruit – where a hotel manager will put in the details of the person they wish to hire, submit it for approval by the cluster hotel manager, which would then come to HR who will draw out the contract. We also include forms for updating different staff details like visa details or certificates and qualifications in the system.”

“Overall, our experience with Ready Workforce has been really great. I love how proactive they are. An example of this, I could recall with the job keeper implementation – I didn’t even have to ask before parts of the system were changed, updated and implemented for us to be able to manage job keeper. The support, is probably the most important part.

They really do understand your business. They really do see things from HR as well as an employee perspective. There is still so much that we can implement in terms of Ready Workforce, so I know we’re going to be able to use the system for a very long time as we grow.”

Ebony Alexander
Human Resource and Office Manager

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