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Revolutionising HR Management of the Mobile Workforce with Technology | Ready People for Ready Pay by HR3

Mobile Workforce

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need to adapt to changing work environments and shifting industry landscapes. The rise of the stand-up economy, that is, industries with a highly mobile workforce, has created more complexities in employee management. The growth in these industries where it’s common to have workforces made up of seasonal or shift workers, constantly adapting with the

Join Free Webinar | Fair Work Closing the Loop Holes Update with Dentons

Readytech Talks New Legislation Update With Dentons Compliance Updates

With the recent announcement from the Federal Government, key elements of the Fair Work Closing the Loop Holes Bill have successfully passed the Senate and will soon become law. With this announcement comes a significant change for all employers. Join us for a discussion with Paul O’Halloran and Paul Orford to stay informed about the important changes ahead. About

Ready Employ October 2023 Product Update


What we’ve done Notifications to third parties We have made changes to support more uses of the special projects and self service projects. we have added a new option for notifications at the completion of these projects to allow notifications to be sent to third party email addresses. These are being adopted for use to

Prioritising the Customer Experience: Why ReadyTech Workforce Solutions Puts Customers First

Global CX Day

ReadyTech Workforce Solutions understands the importance of providing an excellent customer experience. Offering a great experience directly impacts our customers’ business operations and workforce management, which is why we make customer experience a top priority so that can benefit all our customers.  At ReadyTech Workforce Solutions, we understand that providing a great customer experience goes beyond

Introducing Criteria integration to enhance your pre-employment checks


Criteria integration is now available We’re excited to announce our integration with Criteria in our Ready Employ platform. Criteria is an assessment tool used to evaluate candidate capabilities, designed to help recruiters make decisions about job-candidate suitability and success in a role. For all the Ready Employ users, it is now available to use. To

Automated Reference Checks now available

Man On Laptop Software Ready Pay Hr3

Enable Automated Reference Checks Enhance your hiring process with our Automated Reference Checking Solution – available to all Ready Employ customers from 25 August 2023. Empower your admin users to enable RefCheck and personalise the experience for your organisation.  We have put together some user guides for your reference that covers everything from enabling RefCheck to configuring employee