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Troubleshooting your timeclocks
All time clocks are pre-configured, connected to your database, and tested before being delivered to you. If you are experiencing any issues, it is recommended the connectivity of the device is looked at first.

Public Holidays Module
The Public Holidays Module allows you to have visibility of the Public Holidays (PH) within your Database. The department the staff member is in will have a region associated with it. e.g. Queensland. If the staff member is based in Brisbane, you can change their ‘public holiday’ in staff details to Brisbane. So they will qualify for all Brisbane public holidays.

Termination not zeroing out
When terminating an employee, you may receive a payroll sanity Termination leave balance, not zero, where the leave is not zero and you will need to determine why. Most issues will be for New Zealand Annual Leave Balances, however, this can also affect Sick leave Balances and Australian AL Balances.

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