Payroll Integration configuration by Client

Bringing greater flexibility and customisation to admin users, we have implemented changes to allow customers with multiple employing entities to configure their payroll integrations independently.

With this improved functionality, admin users can now configure the payroll integration by client. This is often used by trans-tasman employers to accommodate differences in tax information and bank account numbers for use by the payroll systems.

SCORM Support

We have added a new feature that allows users to select the SCORM learning module as one of the available format types when creating an eLearning form. This is designed to provide learners with a more engaging and enriching experience by providing them with robust, interactive courses and activities.

SCORM is a way to present a rich experience for presenting information to users and to capture responses. To learn more about SCORM in eLearning, visit the guide here.

ePayroll Integration

Ready Employ’s integration with Ready Pay powered by ePayroll and Aussiepay allows for streamlined transition from newly hired candidate to active employee, allowing all relevant information to be transferred into the new employee record in Ready Pay automatically. You can rest assured that your organisation is making the most of its resources when it comes to hiring or onboarding new employees.