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E-Reference Check Module

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Ready Employ Module - E-Reference Check

What is the E-Reference Check Module

Ready Employ’s e-Reference Check module allows you to connect with referees faster and more efficiently. It provides an electronic method for dealing with bulk and structured reference checks by offering the referee an online form to complete and submit.

E-Reference Check Module Features

By streamlining your reference checking process, you will gain faster turnaround times, better use of staff activities, and quickly identify top candidates

Readypay Hr3 Advanced Reporting

Automated Reference Checks

Each applicant provides validated referees. When the e-Reference Check function is activated, the system simply picks up the referees and automatically sends the reference check form to the referee.

The system manages acknowledgements, reminders and returns making management an easy process.

Readypay Hr3 Api Integrations

Bulk Reference Checks

The system provides the option to send 1 to unlimited reference check requests. So sending bulk checks is simple and easy through one action.

Readypay Hr3 Automated Workflows

Unlimited Templates

You can create multiple reference templates to suit different role types and use them when activating the e-Referenece check process.

Creating and editing reference check forms can be managed by your system administrator. Each form is contained in
your form library.

Available On The Go

Privacy and Security

The reference check process can be managed via user rights so only staff with the right access rights can see and review completed reference checks.

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One System. Many Options

Select the modules you need

The Ready Employ platform is made up of independent modules so you can select one, two or all that you need for your business. It’s your choice. Tell us the modules you need and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that easy.

Main Integrations

The Ready Employ platform can be used independently but it also works easily with:

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Other Integrations

The Ready Employ platform also supports the following integrations. If you don’t see your system on the list, please contact us to enquire

Single Sign-On

We integrate with a range of solutions including Azure AD

Job Boards

  • Seek
  • TradeMe
  • Indeed
  • and many more!

Payroll & Onboarding Systems

  • Datacom
  • Charisma
  • Preceda
  • HROnboard


  • NZ Police Check
  • MyRefCheck
  • VEVO (Australia)

Testing & Assessment

  • Talegent
  • CEB

Ask us to see if Ready Employ can integrate with your existing system

Other systems

We support other systems and APIs to connect to other recruitment systems link bank libraries, etc

Ask us to see if your existing system/s can integrate with Ready Employ

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