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Payroll Processing

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What is Ready Workforce by Zambion’s Payroll Processing feature?

The Ready Workforce platform serves as a comprehensive tool that consolidates all your payroll requirements in one place. Our powerful software not only allows you to manage multiple pay runs with ease, but also accommodates special on-demand pays, catering to the unique needs of your employees.

Moreover, it offers a wide array of reporting payroll processes that enable you to closely monitor, evaluate, and refine your payroll management strategy. With the help of Ready Workforce’s user-friendly, professionally designed, and informative system, you will have complete control over your payroll processes, ensuring that both you and your employees enjoy a streamlined and efficient experience when it comes to managing finances.

Payroll Processing that saves you time

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Establish your own pay policies by creating customised rule sets to automate pay, leave, contracts/awards and Super or Kiwisaver entitlements.


Revolutionise your workforce roster management with Ready Workforce. Our user-friendly, feature-packed web-based software is fully integrated with timesheets, leave management, HRM, and payroll. Building and modifying rosters has never been easier using drag-and-drop on your desktop. Enjoy real-time rule validation, highlighting any roster violations such as staff working beyond their maximum hours. Take advantage of blackout periods during busy times and the ability to add roster counters.

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Streamline your reporting process by automating submissions to the appropriate tax authorities such as the ATO in Australia or IRD in New Zealand. You can also leverage our trigger system to automatically send essential forms and documents to the relevant staff as needed. Save time and avoid lengthy manual processes by incorporating our automation solutions into your workflow.

Other Features you’ll love

Our state-of-the-art, ATO and IRD compliant Payroll Software is designed to encourage collaboration between Finance and HR, with all the important employee details stored and collected in one system.

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2-tier approvals

Staff can navigate to the timesheet to see their check-in and check-out details in real time. Managers can then approve and adjust times on the go! Throughout the approval process, employees and approvers are notified internally via automated emails and hyperlinks on the approver’s Ready Workforce homepage.

Automated Workflow

Contract/awards interpretation calculator

The Contract/Awards Interpretation Calculator is an invaluable tool for businesses to accurately and effectively interpret contract awards and salaries. It allows them to quickly calculate payouts based on the terms of their contract, ensuring that employees are adequately compensated for their efforts. This helps to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations concerning payroll and employee compensation.

Available On The Go

Self-Service app

With our self-service app, employees can easily access and manage their payroll information from any device with an internet connection. Reduce payroll and HR queries with our self-service app as employees are also able to check their salary history, calculate taxes due and submit claims for reimbursement with ease.

Want to understand how Ready Workforce can improve your business productivity?

There are several reasons why we chose to opt for an all-in-one HR and payroll system – we wanted a system that is cost-effective and has the following:

cloud based | easily integrates with existing platforms | allows automated workflows | has an employee self-service portal. With all that in mind, we implemented Ready Workforce. They really do understand your business. They really do see things from an HR and employee perspective.

I have been using Ready Workforce since November 2020 and their customer service is second to none.

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Employee Self-Service on the go

For staff: Your employees can self-service wherever they are using the Ready People app. They have the ability to apply for leave, view rosters, manage their timesheets, update their details, submit expense claims, and even do their professional development and OH&S training from the app enables greater flexibility in their busy lives. For Managers: As long as they have a laptop and internet connectivity, they have the ability to approve timesheets, manage rosters, view reports and communicate with their staff, anytime and from anywhere!

Integrates easily with Ready Employ

Remove the manual handling and automate your recruitment workflow into the Ready Workforce software at a click of a button using the existing API connection between Ready Employ and Ready Workforce.

Want to find out how the two systems work together?

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Thousands of Australian and NZ businesses use the Ready Workforce software and trust ReadyTech Workforce Solutions for a streamlined payroll and HR process