The people are at the heart of our business — we are able to do what we do for our customers and partners because of the hardworking and talented people who work tirelessly behind the scenes. So it’s just fitting that the newest feature on our blog is focused on our people.

Welcome to the ReadyTecher Spotlight.

For our maiden feature, we are pleased to introduce Kritika Raman, one of our Implementations Consultants in our Workforce Solutions team.

Meet Kritika Raman

Kritika is based in our Melbourne Docklands office and has been with ReadyTech for 2 years (celebrated her 2nd anniversary on 2 December!).

We asked Kritika a few questions to help us get to know her.

What aspect do you like about most your job?

The end result and the purpose – the sense of achievement after every implementation and seeing the smile on our client’s face. It shows that I have enabled something good and helpful for the organisation, that makes the client’s life easier — providing employee satisfaction by paying them correctly, all the time.

With Colleagues
ReadyTech WFS Implementations Team Lunch

Do you have a favourite implementation experience? 

I have two favourite implementations experience

  • Fencepac – I really enjoyed and learned a lot from that project both about the product and the client side of activities and this helped me grow.
  • The other one was Taranakipine where I used my knowledge to have a good and smooth on time implementation, good client experience.

In A Client Training

What are your hobbies and interests?

My hobbies are painting, travelling.

One Of My Art

Kritika painting
Kritika working on her art

What is your favourite city (or country) in the world?

Melbourne 😊 It’s a great metropolitan city with diverse people, different cuisines, great places to visit nearby, wine and of course, our world-famous coffee 😊

What is one thing you’ve recently learned on the job that has made an impact on you?

Understanding people’s needs – putting myself in our clients and my colleagues’ shoes and looking at things from a different perspective has broadened my mindset. This is my biggest learning.

ReadyTech party
Halloween 2022 with ReadyTech colleagues

What do you usually do to unwind or how do you spend your weekend/free time?

Building legos with my son 😊, long drives and spending time with my family

Out of our 4 ReadyTech values, which one resonates with you and why?

Ready to do the work

Hard and Smart work always pay off. You might not see its impact immediately but in the long run it helps you grow personally and professionally. I always strive to do the things that is important for the client and the business. Customer satisfaction is my ultimate aim!