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New and Improved: Flare Onboarding & Flare Benefits | Ready Pay by HR3

Readytech And Flare (1)

Are you ready to make an impact on your benefits and employee engagement strategies without a budget increase? In partnership with Flare, we’ve helped make it easier for our customers to access employee benefits that address the growing financial constraints your team will face in 2024. From grocery discounts to significant savings on family vehicles,

How to boost your brand and attract top talent: Employee Value Proposition (EVP) cheat codes

How To Boost Your Brand And Attract Top Talent

Salary hikes are top of mind for many employees during periods of inflation, which means that the cost of doing business is equally steep. Is your EVP helping you to attract and retain the best candidates?  According to Gartner, organisations invest an average amount of $2,500 per person on employee experiences each year, making it