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Overcoming the Challenges of Training and Onboarding Seasonal Workers in Australia and New Zealand | Ready Employ by Phoenix

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In Australia and New Zealand, the use of seasonal workers is quite prevalent, with industries such as agriculture and retail seeing a large influx of workers during peak seasons. However, while the use of seasonal workers can be beneficial for businesses, it also presents several challenges when it comes to onboarding and training. In this

NZ Horticulture Conference 2023 Wrap Up

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New Zealand Horticulture Week has just wrapped up, and it was a fruitful event that saw strategic initiatives discussed to guide the sector’s growth, innovation, and adaptability. The theme for this year’s event was Sharing Successes to Strengthen Our Future, and it lived up to its name. We were thrilled to meet all the attendees

How Growth in Accommodation and Food Services Jobs is Impacting HR in New Zealand | ReadyTech Workforce Solutions

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The hospitality industry is the backbone of tourism, and it’s no secret that the pandemic and travel restrictions have had a significant impact on the sector. However, the latest figures released by Stats NZ show that there has been an 8.9 percent annual increase in filled job numbers in the accommodation and food services for

Navigating the Shifting Market: Prioritising Recruiting Strategies

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As economies around the world continue to grapple with the effects of the pandemic, the job market has undergone a seismic shift. For HR professionals, the challenge has been trying to keep pace with this rapidly evolving landscape, especially when it comes to recruiting talent. According to recent studies by Gartner, over 46% of HR

Webinar recording: How to win the Talent War

Readytech Seek How To Win The Talent War Webinar

ReadyTech Workforce Solutions in collaboration with SEEK recently facilitated the ‘How to win the Talent War‘ webinar. Our two talented speakers include: Manisha Stokes, SEEK Partner Manager Kat Cavanagh, ReadyTech WFS Senior Product Manager Our two speakers presented relevant recruitment statistics and discussed the challenges recruiters faced as it relates to recruitment in Australia and