ReadyTech Workforce Solutions in collaboration with SEEK recently facilitated the ‘How to win the Talent War‘ webinar. Our two talented speakers include:

  • Manisha Stokes, SEEK Partner Manager
  • Kat Cavanagh, ReadyTech WFS Senior Product Manager

Our two speakers presented relevant recruitment statistics and discussed the challenges recruiters faced as it relates to recruitment in Australia and New Zealand. Below is an excerpt of their insightful discussion.



If you wish to watch the recording in full, please register your interest below to access it:


In this webinar, the two speakers explored the following topics:

What’s shifted in the workplace and how can we adapt to it
✅ How to stay competitive in your hiring practices including seasonal hires where your workforce requirement doubles or even triples!
✅ Recruiter tips to enhance the candidate experience
✅ How technology can streamline your recruitment and onboarding processes
✅ Q&A


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