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Payroll Training Package

Deepen your knowledge of the all-in-one Ready Workforce by Zambion platform.

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Who is it for?

Ready Workforce is a comprehensive payroll management system that covers all aspects of payroll processing, including pay calculation, tax calculations, and overtime management. 

Payroll employees who are new to the organisation may require training on how to use Ready Workforce in their roles. This training will equip them with the necessary skills and help them understand the nuances of Ready Workforce to leverage its tools efficiently while processing payroll. Moreover, those employees who already have a basic understanding of payroll may require more in-depth training to learn how payroll operates within Ready Workforce.

What’s included?

Our team of skilled trainers, with their wealth of industry-specific knowledge and years of experience, are geared towards delivering an exceptional training experience that will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in your professional career.

With Ready Workforce, Super Users will have access to detailed Staff Details modules, an overview of the Organisational Structure and Rosters module for basic information about shifts and rotations. It also includes Timesheet functionality for tracking hours worked by employees and Leave Management for tracking employee time-off. All these features are designed to make it easier for businesses to manage their workforce more effectively.

It is essential to understand the roles, permissions, reports and imports that are assigned to each user based on their position within the organisation. This helps ensure that each individual has access only to those areas of the system which are relevant to their job functions and responsibilities. Additionally, it also allows administrators to quickly identify who should have access to specific data or applications if required.

Setting up the right parameters can make all the difference when it comes to managing staff, contracts, and payroll. This session will cover key HR settings such as leave ledger types, termination types, pay element groups, time clocks (if applicable), finance GL/cost codes, general settings and email notifications.

Understand the Payroll workflow in order to set up a Payroll. By taking the time to understand the workflow, businesses can save money and improve employee satisfaction by ensuring accurate pay cheques every payday.

The payroll process is an integral part of any business, as it ensures that employees are paid accurately and on time. The process involves multiple steps, from the collection and entry of employee data to the calculation and filing of taxes.

Our virtual training rate is $180 + tax per hour, while our onsite rate is $200 + tax per hour. Please note that in addition to hourly charges, onsite trainings may also require reimbursement of travel expenses.

Duration of the course: 7 hours in total, split into 4 sessions

If you have a selection of questions that don’t fit in one module but would like a detailed support conversation, we can book a one-hour Question and Answer session.

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Secure staff check-in and out made simple

Time Collection Devices

Timeclock Face Palm With Mask Recognition Scanner

Secure check-in made simple

We have scanners that support both faces (with and without mask) and palm recognition and verification including temperature detection. Always stay compliant with the ever-changing public health directives and COVIDSafe planning.

Timeclock Check In And Out

Staff can clock in/out between departments throughout the day

Assign unique work codes for each cost centre so staff can clock in and out without having to adjust their timesheet manually.

Timeclock Streamline Check In

Streamlined check-in

Employees can clock in with just their palm, face, finger, pin, or swipe card for a quick clock-in.

There are several reasons why we chose to opt for an all-in-one HR and payroll system – we wanted a system that is cost-effective and has the following:

cloud based | easily integrates with existing platforms | allows automated workflows | has an employee self-service portal. With all that in mind, we implemented Ready Workforce. They really do understand your business. They really do see things from an HR and employee perspective.

I have been using Ready Workforce since November 2020 and their customer service is second to none.

Anil Chauhan / Stamford Plaza Auckland
Ready Workforce Employee Self Service

Employee Self-Service on the go

For staff: Your employees can self-service wherever they are using the Ready Workforce app. They have the ability to apply for leave, view rosters, manage their timesheets, update their details, submit expense claims, and even do their professional development and OH&S training from the app enables greater flexibility in their busy lives. For Managers: As long as they have a laptop and internet connectivity, they have the ability to approve timesheets, manage rosters, view reports and communicate with their staff, anytime and from anywhere!

Integrates easily with Ready Employ

Remove the manual handling and automate your recruitment workflow into the Ready Workforce software at a click of a button using the existing API connection between Ready Employ and Ready Workforce. Want to find out how the two systems work together?

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Ready Employ Integration With Ready Workforce
Learn Ready Workforce With Ready Central

Make the most of the Ready Workforce platform

Find answers faster, explore knowledge articles in your own time and ask for support in one central location.

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Thousands of Australian and NZ businesses use the Ready Workforce software and trust ReadyTech Workforce Solutions for a streamlined payroll and HR process