Onboarding & Recruitment

Imagine a smoother recruitment and onboarding process. ReadyTech Workforce solutions has you covered with multiple integration options.

Whether you prefer to do it yourself in-house or require us to manage it for you, we have tailored solution for your business.

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Hire the Right People

Our recruitment module is designed to streamline your candidate searching processes, with multiple options for plugins that integrate with popular job seeking websites. As well as video screening, testing and assessments or reference checks, candidates are generated with an unique ID that connects all systems to your ReadyTech solution. Capturing a comprehensive candidate database and important documentation such as CVs and cover letters, from the beginning as they progress through all stages. From remote recruiting to hiring – all job candidates can be tracked and synced to one platform.

Smooth Transition for New Starters

Onboarding new team members is an exciting time, and ensuring a smooth transition into their new job is important. Our platform allows secure signing, by integrating custom forms or policies that can be view, filled in and stored digitally in one location. Onboarding forms to capture all the important details, assigned training courses, and digital employment contracts can be generated instantly, with all processes streamlined and captured quickly.

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