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Facial Recognition Scanners

Secure staff check-in made simple

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Check-in made simple with our Facial Recognition Scanners

The scanners enable seamless management of your workforce and compliance with evolving public health guidelines and COVIDSafe measures.

They are light, easy-to-use, support both face and finger verification, are extremely accurate with speedy recognition, and all come with expert security performance.


The facial scanner timeclocks seamlessly integrate with Ready Workforce and takes biometric access & attendance to the next level by offering fingerprint verification, facial recognition (with and without masks) and access cards.

Devices Available for Purchase

Rwf Facial Recognition Scanner Facepro3

Option 1:

Facial Recognition Scanner with Mask Detector

RRP $1552 (ex. GST)

A specialised device offering facial recognition both with and without face masks, also meets the IP65 standard for high dust protection and resistance to low-pressure water jets.

Rwf Facial Recognition Scanner - with Mask

Option 2:

Facial Recognition Scanner with Mask & Fingerprint Verification

RRP $1322 (ex. GST)

The fully integrated contactless scanner has a fingerprint, face or face-with-mask recognition system, which confirms accurate trackable time & attendance. Managing your workforce has never been simpler!

More about our Facial Scanners

Facepro1 Time Clock

Swift and effortless

We have scanners that support facial recognition (with and without mask) and verification.

Rwf Facial Recognition Scanner 1

Staff can clock in/out between departments throughout the day

Seamless configuration with Ready Workforce allowing users to clock in/out and have this information updated in their timesheets automatically.

Rwf Facial Recognition Scanner

Streamlined workflow

The system provides detailed reporting capabilities, enabling you to analyse attendance, productivity, and a host of other variables once implemented.

The facial recognition scanners work with Ready Workforce, our all-in-one, integrated payroll and HR platform.

Ready Workforce Wheel Zambion

Full picture of the employee lifecycle in a single platform

Say goodbye to moving from one platform to another to run, manage and view all employee activities.

View all information from a single platform. Integrate with your existing systems. The options are endless.

See Ready Workforce in action.

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There are several reasons why we chose to opt for an all-in-one HR and payroll system – we wanted a system that is cost-effective and has the following:

cloud-based | easily integrates with existing platforms | allows automated workflows | has an employee self-service portal. With all that in mind, we implemented Ready Workforce. They really do understand your business. They really do see things from an HR and employee perspective.

I have been using Ready Workforce since November 2020 and their customer service is second to none.

Anil Chauhan / Stamford Plaza Auckland

A well-managed business shows their determination to success and commitment to their customers — I love your support guys. They are awesome! Professional yet still friendly, which together encourage us users to reach out.

Glory Chen / J & P Turner

The Ready Workforce platform is so easy to use – I love the fact that everything is on one main page, and I don’t have to flick back and forth between pages & programmes. Everything is clearly named and easy to find.

Stevie Draper / CAL Isuzu
Ready Workforce Employee Self Service

Employee Self-Service on the go

For staff: Your employees can self-service wherever they are using the Ready Workforce app. They have the ability to apply for leave, view rosters, manage their timesheets, update their details, submit expense claims, and even do their professional development and OH&S training from the app enables greater flexibility in their busy lives.

For Managers: As long as they have a laptop and internet connectivity, they have the ability to approve timesheets, manage rosters, view reports and communicate with their staff, anytime and from anywhere!

Integrates easily with Ready Employ

Remove the manual handling and automate your recruitment workflow into the Ready Workforce software at a click of a button using the existing API connection between Ready Employ and Ready Workforce.

Want to find out how the two systems work together?

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Ready Employ Integration With Ready Workforce

Who uses Ready Workforce (powered by zambion)

Thousands of Australian and NZ businesses use the Ready Workforce software and trust ReadyTech Workforce Solutions for a streamlined payroll and HR process.