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With the fast pace and unpredictable nature of businesses, the last thing we want is to worry if our employees are being looked after and safe. Payroll software management may not be the most glamorous topic in the world, but it’s the most fundamental software for businesses.

ReadyTech Workforce Solutions software is robust, reliable and works like clock work. With features that were trialled and refined over 30 years and trusted by more than 2,400 businesses, we process payroll that is safe, reliable, compliant and gets employees paid the right amount, at the right time, every time.

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Time & Attendance

Time Keeping Icon Solid Black

Check In, Check Out – All-in-One System

Time capture, time sheeting and the approval of time clocks are all integrated and captured in one online system.

A single source of data that works in real time and can be reported on immediately. Combined with facial scanners, biometric finger scanners and log-ins, clocking in and out is a breeze, giving employees more time to get back to what’s important.

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Schedule and Communicate

Rostering made easy with drag and drop functionality, blackout dates and customer views so you can roster and

allocate employees accurately and efficiently. With an integrated communication tool, employees get automatically notified or alerted of any schedules and changes.

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Our platform fully integrates leave management with timesheets, HRM and payroll data – with an interactive

leave calendar that allows for future planning and projections. At a glance you can have full visibility of your workforce status, making it easier to allocate resources to meet business goals. Leave workflow processes can also be automated and customised to match the approval process of your business.

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Workforce on
the Move

The modern workforce is all about flexibility and mobility. Our payroll app is cloud based, meaning your

employees can apply for leave, view rosters, manage timesheets, be approved, and update details on-the-go. Processing payroll can also be completed on a mobile device, enabling greater flexibility for a busy worker. Workforce management such as timesheet approvals, roster management, reports and communication with employees can be done at a click of a button, anytime, anywhere.

Employee Self Service

Empower your Employees

Give employees and managers ultimate control to update and review personal details, pay slips, annual leave and expense management, performance and more. Our Employee Self Service Kiosk can be accessed from any cloud device, and allows employees to be self sufficient while reducing the administration burden on payroll and HR.

Intuitive Design

Our platform is employee self-service payroll made easy, with Single Sign On features and an added level of security to keep your IT team happy and your employees excited they won’t need a password to log in. The kiosk dashboard integrates with all payroll and HR data, making it the central navigation point to employees for instant access to managing personal data, teams, reports, training, workplace health and safety information, and more!

Payroll Integration

Centralised Payroll Management

Our powerful API connects our payroll management solution to 3rd party data in multiple categories from reporting,

to logistics, accounting or HR software – giving you ultimate visibility and making it simpler to manage payroll from one central point.

Automated Workflows and Flexibility

Our workflows solution revolutionises manual administration while improving efficiency, driving productivity and reducing

human error and compliance risk. Our data flow between other software you’re already using, leaves a dated audit trail, meaning easy collaboration with other systems or departments. You can also set up rules and processes with logic based workflows, to add controls and approval settings that can be implemented seamlessly in the background.

Comprehensive Reporting

Create intelligent reporting at a click of a button with more than 200 built in reports, with drag and drop features and filters to

get you the data you need quicker. A comprehensive report writer gives you the ability to customise and modify any standard report and export in any format to share your insights instantly!

Secure Data that is Never Lost

We maintain the highest levels of data security and privacy, to keep your payroll data secure. Our cloud-based software

boasts advanced security features such as authentication and access control, to ensure your data is securely stored and handled. We are ISO 27001 certified – the gold standard for quality and security process management.

Local Compliance

Compliance Icon Solid Green

Australian Standard Compliance

An online payroll software designed in Australia, built for Australian businesses. Our software is secure, and stays updated with Single Touch Payroll Phase 2. Our digital solutions are STP compliant and meet the highest standards and regulatory requirements.

Real Time Data Icon Solid Green

Real Time Control

Any changes to payroll data are corrected at the time, giving you control over the times, dates or amounts of each pay cycle. Date effective capabilities means you can plan in retrospect or future.

Auto Update Icon Solid Green

Automated Legalisation Updates

Our systems stay updated so you don’t need to. We keep you informed of every legislation change and release update, so you have the peace of mind every month and year end.

Awards Calculator Icon Solid Green

Modern Awards Calculator

Whether you use a modern award or enterprise agreement, our inbuilt award interpretation calculator is flexible and powerful. Ensuring your employees are all being paid the right amount, at the right time as per ATO’s Fair Work Act guidelines and legislation.

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