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Employees are the heart of your business and it’s important to take care of them. At ReadyTech Workforce Solutions we build market-leading solutions centred around people. Create an intuitive employee ecosystem in your business that increases efficiency, satisfaction and reduce risks by supporting the growth of your workforce and business as your needs change.

From hire to retire, our digital solutions caters to the full employee lifecycle. Making it easy for employees and managers to get on with the job, while keeping key HR & payroll data up-to-date all in one location. Mobile and accessible via our employee self service solutions that are available from the office or on the go.

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Onboarding & Recruitment

Hire the Right People

Our recruitment module is designed to streamline your candidate searching processes, with multiple options for plugins that integrate with popular job seeking websites. As well as video screening, testing and assessments or reference checks, candidates are generated with an unique ID that connects all systems to your ReadyTech solution. Capturing a comprehensive candidate database and important documentation such as CVs and cover letters, from the beginning as they progress through all stages. From remote recruiting to hiring – all job candidates can be tracked and synced to one platform.

Smooth Transition for New Starters

Onboarding new team members is an exciting time, and ensuring a smooth transition into their new job is important. Our platform allows secure signing, by integrating custom forms or policies that can be view, filled in and stored digitally in one location. Onboarding forms to capture all the important details, assigned training courses, and digital employment contracts can be generated instantly, with all processes streamlined and captured quickly.

Streamline your recruitment

Human Resources Management

One Powerful Database

A solution that integrates with your core payroll and other systems, to be the source of truth that holds documents about your employee personal details, contracts, and organisational charts in one location – allowing easy cross collaboration and access across departments. Our systems have powerful APIs that connect data to your existing systems. With an extensive library of reports, information from all our modules can be collated together in a single report. With custom filters for basic reporting, detailed analysis, finance journal exports or trends highlighted, you can create and export to share instantly.

Automated Communication

Our software integrates with all your main communication channels, automating communications and workflow alerts, tasks and emails. For employees, you can set app push notifications to send roster change notifications, notifications of new shifts, leave approval messages, and any other text messages to staff! Automated email notifications and alerts can also be sent to managers/users notifying them of important events or milestones.

Workplace Health and Safety

Record and manage all health and safety, work wear, and personal protective equipment in one location, as well as easy and accurate record keeping of all accidents, incidents and hazards. Comprehensive reports can be customised to suit internal process and procedures, include documents and photographs, from a dashboard that displays an overview of your employees health and safety, automated warnings, alerts and notifications.

Employee Development

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Capture your
Employee Performances

Grow employees by having a full history of performance appraisal and review cycles that provide you with valuable insight and analysis on employee performance and engagement. One secure location for performance appraisal documentation that be come customised to all levels within the business. Capture manager and employee feedback, set goals and development plans, and track the status of performance appraisals, and keep employees and managers on track with automatic email reminder notifications.

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Keep your
Employees on Track

Performance Management is made easy, allowing you to keep track of conversations and meetings, documentation for disciplinary matters. Align with your performance management and disciplinary policies including different types and levels of misconduct and outcomes like verbal warnings, first warnings, final warnings and dismissals. Also track progress with special user permissions so only the right people see sensitive information.

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Grow and
Develop Employees

Set training modules to upskill your employees within the same system. With automated scheduled reports that can remind employees of upcoming and overdue training and certificate expiry dates, and send automated reminders on training renewals or certificate expirations which can be automatically scheduled in employees timesheet and roster. Understanding the mobility and convenience requires for busy employees, you can invite attendees to training via SMS and automatically record attendance responses to keep them on track.

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