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Roster Management

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What is the Roster feature?

The Ready Workforce Roster system provides a comprehensive workforce solution, giving you the tools you need to effectively manage the right people in the right place. Within this functionality, employers can view Rosters in a day view and create set-and-forget Rosters (base rosters) or more complex roster patterns.

Roster rules notify you when visas have expired, employees haven’t met their minimum hours, and more. This robust module saves time and money while streamlining timesheet procedures.

Our Roster system allows your team to work smarter and more efficiently, helping you get the most out of your staff resources.

Everything about Roster Management

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Creating a roster for an organisation requires careful consideration of the type of work, location, pay rate and other components that need to be taken into account. This allows for the roster, timesheet and contract rules to be easily managed and ensure all employees are rostered correctly.

Roster Overview
Skill Based Rostering

Skill based rostering is an essential tool for any business that relies on staff to provide services. It allows managers to ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time, with the exact skills and qualifications needed for a particular job. By creating rosters which match employee skillsets with customer requirements, businesses can maximise efficiency and productivity while minimising costs.

Roster costing
Roster Costing And Budgets

Roster costing is an invaluable tool for any team looking to manage their budget better. It helps you keep track of what has been allocated and the total cost, as well as identify variances in your costs. With roster costing, you can drill down into the data and easily pinpoint where your variances are coming from – giving you a clearer picture of how to most effectively manage your team’s resources.


The Roster feature enables your team to work more intelligently and effectively, optimising the use of your personnel resources.

Automated Workflow

Web Based Roster Software

A web-based solution designed to facilitate the scheduling and management of roster or shift-based operations. The easy-to-navigate interface allows users to quickly view, manage, and adjust team rosters as needed, ensuring all operations are running smoothly while reducing the potential for human error.

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Real-Time Roster Costing

With Real-Time Roster Costing, businesses can save time, money, and resources while staying compliant with regulations regarding roster costing and reduce the possibility of costly mistakes. It allows businesses to easily and accurately calculate their roster costs based on labour hours, break times, overtime shifts, pay rates and other roster-related costs.

Automated Workflow

User Definable / Real Time Rostering Rules

All Shifts, Roles, Locations, and Jobs are Department based. With user definable roster rules, staff can be offered appropriate shifts based on certain checks, (e.g., visa expiry dates, minimum hours not met, they have already been rostered for 20 hours this week, this person does not have 10 hours between their shifts, etc.)

Available On The Go

Easy Access

Our Roster system provides an easy way to keep track of all your roster information, making it simple and convenient to manage staff schedules, shift swaps, and attendance records. With its comprehensive reporting capabilities, you can easily generate reports that help you keep track of roster activity and stay on top of roster changes quickly and efficiently.

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Full picture of the employee lifecycle in a single platform

Say goodbye to moving from one platform to another to run, manage and view all employee activities.

View all information from a single platform. Integrate with your existing systems. The options are endless.

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There are several reasons why we chose to opt for an all-in-one HR and payroll system – we wanted a system that is cost-effective and has the following:

cloud based | easily integrates with existing platforms | allows automated workflows | has an employee self-service portal. With all that in mind, we implemented Ready Workforce. They really do understand your business. They really do see things from an HR and employee perspective.

I have been using Ready Workforce since November 2020 and their customer service is second to none.

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Employee Self-Service on the go

For staff: Your employees can self-service wherever they are using the Ready People app. They have the ability to apply for leave, view rosters, manage their timesheets, update their details, submit expense claims, and even do their professional development and OH&S training from the app enables greater flexibility in their busy lives. For Managers: As long as they have a laptop and internet connectivity, they have the ability to approve timesheets, manage rosters, view reports and communicate with their staff, anytime and from anywhere!

Integrates easily with Ready Employ

Remove the manual handling and automate your recruitment workflow into the Ready Workforce software at a click of a button using the existing API connection between Ready Employ and Ready Workforce.

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