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Time and Attendance

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What is the Time and Attendance functionality?

Time and Attendance is a vital component of business success. Having an effective timesheet system in place can help maximise efficiency and improve overall productivity. Timesheet tracking also provides valuable data to better manage labour costs, accurately measure performance, and identify areas for improvement. By investing in a Time and Attendance system, businesses can ensure that their employees are working effectively and efficiently while keeping their costs in check.

Using Ready Workforce’s Time and Attendance feature will help boost employee productivity while providing managers with the information they need to ensure compliance with labour laws. It is an invaluable tool for any business looking to increase their efficiency and accuracy when it comes to employee timesheets. By using system timesheets, employers can save time and money in managing their payroll processes more effectively while making sure their employees are being fairly compensated for their hours worked. Within a timesheet, you can enable optional functionality such as Allowances, Costing Blocks, Package Numbers, Piece Rates, and more.

Know more about timesheets

Timesheet Overview - day view
Timesheet Overview

Timesheets enable businesses to pay their staff accurately and on-time. By providing a comprehensive overview of an employee’s work hours, timesheets can be used as evidence in case of disputes or discrepancies over wages or overtime payments. With Ready Workforce, companies can automate timesheet processes, reducing paperwork while improving accuracy and efficiency.

Timesheet Leave Items

Keeping track of employee time off and ensuring that all staff have the proper documentation for their absences helps to ensure that everyone is in compliance with government regulations and company policies.

It also allows managers to better manage their workforce by understanding who is available when, and making sure there are enough people on hand for everyday operations.

Timesheet Allowances

Timesheet allowances are a form of compensation provided by employers to their employees in addition to their base salary. They help offset any additional costs incurred when working outside regular hours or overtime, such as travel expenses and meals.

With Ready Workforce you can track timesheet allowance payments, ensuring that employees are properly compensated for the extra work they do and comply with all applicable labor laws.


Employers can save time and money in managing their payroll processes more effectively by using system timesheets, ensuring their employees are being fairly compensated for their hours.

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With geo-fencing, managers can view where employees clock in or out in real time. This ensures that timesheets are accurate and up to date, and employers are guaranteed that employees are checking in or out at the correct location.

Automated Workflow

7-year full audit history 

This data is retained for up to 7 years to provide a full audit history covering all hours that an employee has worked over this time period. This information can be used to calculate wages and timesheets, ensuring accuracy in salary payments.

Available On The Go

Real-time Award Interpretation 

Our Time and Attendance system is designed to help employees track their hours and awards they have earned. Real-time Award Interpretation helps employers and employees alike to quickly understand their timesheet data, ensuring accuracy in payroll and awards. It also gives employees peace of mind knowing that their timesheet data is being properly interpreted and they are receiving the wages they deserve.

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Seamless Time Clock Integration 

This system integrates seamlessly with existing time clocks, providing businesses with a comprehensive view of employee times and allowing for efficient payroll processing.

Optional add-ons

Time collection devices

Timeclock Face Palm With Mask Recognition Scanner

Secure check-in made simple

We have scanners that support both face (with and without mask) and palm recognition and verification including temperature detection. Always stay compliant with the ever-changing public health directives and COVIDSafe planning.

Timeclock Check In And Out

Staff can clock in/out between departments throughout the day

Assign unique work codes for each cost centre so staff can clock in and out without having to adjust their timesheet manually.

Timeclock Streamline Check In

Streamlined check-in

Employees can clock in with just their palm, face, finger, pin, or swipe card for a quick clock-in.

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Full picture of the employee lifecycle in a single platform

Say goodbye to moving from one platform to another to run, manage and view all employee activities.

View all information from a single platform. Integrate with your existing systems. The options are endless.

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There are several reasons why we chose to opt for an all-in-one HR and payroll system – we wanted a system that is cost-effective and has the following:

cloud based | easily integrates with existing platforms | allows automated workflows | has an employee self-service portal. With all that in mind, we implemented Ready Workforce. They really do understand your business. They really do see things from an HR and employee perspective.

I have been using Ready Workforce since November 2020 and their customer service is second to none.

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Employee Self-Service on the go

For staff: Your employees can self-service wherever they are using the Ready People app. They have the ability to apply for leave, view rosters, manage their timesheets, update their details, submit expense claims, and even do their professional development and OH&S training from the app enables greater flexibility in their busy lives.

For Managers: As long as they have a laptop and internet connectivity, they have the ability to approve timesheets, manage rosters, view reports and communicate with their staff, anytime and from anywhere!

Integrates easily with Ready Employ

Remove the manual handling and automate your recruitment workflow into the Ready Workforce software at a click of a button using the existing API connection between Ready Employ and Ready Workforce.

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