In Australia and New Zealand, the use of seasonal workers is quite prevalent, with industries such as agriculture and retail seeing a large influx of workers during peak seasons. However, while the use of seasonal workers can be beneficial for businesses, it also presents several challenges when it comes to onboarding and training. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the challenges of training and onboarding seasonal workers in these two countries and explore how automation can help streamline the process.

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Challenges Faced in Training and Onboarding Seasonal Workers:

One of the primary challenges faced when training and onboarding seasonal workers is the limited timeframe in which they are employed. Many seasonal workers are only employed for a few months at a time, which makes it challenging to provide them with comprehensive training. Employers need training processes that are streamlined and efficient. This is particularly true for industries such as agriculture and retail, which require workers to perform manual tasks that can be time-consuming to teach and master.
Another challenge is the need to provide workers with the right training and orientation to ensure their safety on the job. In industries such as agriculture, workers are often exposed to hazardous chemicals and machinery, and a lack of proper training can result in injuries or accidents. Onboarding seasonal workers to the safety protocols and procedures is crucial for the protection of both the workers and the company. However, with the large numbers of workers joining a workforce, it is an uphill battle for employers to ensure that every single employee has been trained and onboarded adequately.
The final challenge is the amount of paperwork that needs to be completed during the recruitment process. When onboarding a large number of seasonal workers, the manual completion of forms, and orientation could significantly slow down the process, leading to delays and a loss of productivity.

Addressing the Challenges by Automating the Process:

Fortunately, automation can help address these challenges and streamline the onboarding and training of seasonal workers in Australia and New Zealand. One such platform that can help in the process is Ready Employ.
The Ready Employ by Phoenix platform offers onboarding and training features that can be customised to meet the needs of different industries. The onboarding feature of the platform allows managers to create and provide a range of training modules, orientation videos, forms, documents, and protocols that can be self-served by the worker. Automation affords the business, flexibility, and speed in managing large groups of seasonal workers.
The platform is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, which makes it easy for managers to monitor and track the progress of their seasonal workers. This lends itself to quick feedback loops, ensuring issues are resolved efficiently.
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The story of Koala Cherries highlights how they leveraged the employment packs available on Ready Employ to seamlessly transition from recruitment to onboarding during peak season. They managed to effectively and efficiently train their 50 seasonal workers with just 1 day with the streamlined onboarding workflow on Ready Employ. Every new employee was progressed through the onboarding process, following a predetermined set of criteria. 

Training and onboarding seasonal workers present several challenges in Australia and New Zealand, including the limited timeframe, the need for safety training, and the amount of paperwork involved. However, leveraging automation can help streamline the process, providing businesses in the agriculture and retail sectors greater productivity and accuracy. Automated onboarding and training platforms such as Ready Employ by Phoenix make it possible to provide workers with the right training while also minimising the time, cost, and paperwork involved. Ready to learn more about Ready Employ by Phoenix? Book a demo here.