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  • Auto Checkout Time
    Sometimes employees forget to clock out at the end of their shift. To address this, you now have the option to choose specific times from when the employee initially clocked in for the day.

  • How to Send and Create Payslip Email Message
    There are different ways to send payslip email notifications in Ready Workforce, depending on your selections in the Staff Details module. For example, you can create a custom message for each employee or send out a template that contains their payslip information.

  • Deactivate a Department
    You can deactivate a department if the department is no longer in use and all of the employees have been removed from this department.

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  • ReadyID Pre-Migration Tool
    We have created the ReadyID Pre-migration Tool module to facilitate your organisation’s migration to our modern ReadyID authentication platform.
  • ReadyID Migration
    ReadyID is ReadyTech’s new authentication system. Once your organisation has been migrated to ReadyID, all your users can easily log in to Ready Workforce and Ready People mobile app using their email addresses.
  • QR Code – Ready People Mobile App
    Staff can now show their QR code within the Ready People app. This feature turns Ready People into a digital Employee ID Card, prominently displaying current employment status along with other relevant details. In addition, the QR code can be physically scanned on-site, e.g. for staff redemption of discounts

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