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In our effort to improve the content of Ready Central, we have added more articles as requested by you, our customers:

  • Employee Kiosk
    Our comprehensive articles provide step-by-step guidance to employees navigating the Ready Workforce platform including access to leave balance, timesheets, and much more.

  • Monthly Payroll
    This article will highlight Monthly Pays where the Pay period and the Timesheet period are aligned. More details around approving timesheets and mid-week / end-of-month payments can be found here

  • Leave Import (Adjustments)
    In this article, we will introduce how to bulk import Adjustments. Adjustments can be applied to past and future dates, and multiple adjustments per staff member can be applied at the same time.
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    Below are the articles that may be relevant to you based on questions other customers asked last month:

    • User Security Groups
      A group is a collection of User Security Profiles that can be assigned to different aspects and functions within Ready Workforce. This is a great way to organise and manage groups of users for these different functions.
    • Timesheet FAQ
      This includes most frequently asked questions related to timesheets in Ready Workforce.

    • Termination Types
      The Termination Types module is linked to the Reason within the Employee’s Work History Table. This is where you can create your own Termination Types to be applied to employees.


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