Criteria Logo

Integrating Criteria into your recruitment journey allows you to include Criteria packages and review results conveniently, as the Criteria tab will be added to the Jobs screen. This streamlines the decision-making process and facilitates a more thorough evaluation of candidates.

Integration Settings page

We created a new space for Integrations to improve visibility and simplify configuration options. Some key Integrations have been moved from Systems settings to Integrations settings, with more to come.

VEVO in Special Projects

VEVO checks can now be conducted as part of special projects, which means they can be undertaken at more stages throughout the recruitment journey including onboarding. The VEVO question type can be added to Special project forms, and the check results will appear on the relevant candidate screen.

Application Tags

We have added the ability to define and use tags to efficiently manage candidates in bulk within the Jobs screen. Administrators can enable tag usage and define tags for use within the Jobs screens. This allows for bulk selection of candidates based on tags to take action. Learn more about how you can use Application Tags.

For more details, please access Ready Employ support portal where you can explore knowledge guides and helpful articles.