Manage Approval To Recruit (ATR) Effortlessly

To further enhance our workflow-building capabilities, we are pleased to introduce a new endpoint in our advanced API (APIv2). With this new feature, customers with APIv2 access can effortlessly create and efficiently manage Approvals To Recruit.

Updates to Self Service Module

We have made updates to the Self Service module to allow the initiating trigger step to be defined when copying self service projects. This is on the dialogue box presented when using the copy function within self service project Admin area.

We have also addressed issues pertaining to the copying function and to the handling of linked steps being deleted within editing self service projects.

Enhanced Referral Forms

We have implemented on-screen indicators to highlight mandatory fields, aiming to enhance accuracy and ease of submission. Additionally, we have granted customers more control by making the referral CV toggleable, consequently allowing for a tailored experience.

For more details, please access Ready Employ support portal where you can explore knowledge guides and helpful articles.