Webinar: Managing Tracking Steps

#1 Do SMS messages cost extra?

While SMS is a really powerful way to elicit communication, to communicate with employees or candidates, there is an additional cost to it.

#2 Is it possible to restrict permissions or permissions restrict certain tracking set CG tracking steps?

Currently, there are two options available: either prevent them from moving candidates through tracking steps altogether or allow them to move candidates through tracking steps. Currently, there is no middle ground, but we can definitely consider this as valuable feedback for future improvements.

#2 Can you have an override on the status change for jobs that have multiple vacancies?

The initial trigger might involve having a distinct tracking template. In such a case, using an asynchronous method would prevent the status from being updated during that specific step, while allowing it to change at a later stage. Additionally, it is possible to manually modify the statuses whenever needed simply by selecting the appropriate coloured box.

#3 If we include additional tracking steps, how would it impact the current or previous job vacancies?

It wouldn’t. Adding a step, such as reference checking, simply makes it available as an option for us when we view the job. It doesn’t affect individuals who have previously held that position. However, it is important to ensure that no one is currently on that specific step when you delete it. Other than that, adding steps has no adverse effects.

Webinar: Build efficient Onboarding Processes

#1 Can you upload a specific document to the onboarding process specific to your candidates, such as the position description?

The answer is YES. When you’re adding documents, you can choose a specific document to upload. You also have the option when selecting a document to choose ‘select file from drive prior to actioning’, what’ll happen is when you really set stage or try and send that document in onboarding – it will ask you to select or upload the file that you want to send.

#2 Are the steps for tracking (in the trigger step) specific to self-service, or can they be associated with the job tracking step?

Those steps are related to the job. When you sign the contracts, this tracking step is updated to ‘contract signed’. To update the status to contract signed when candidates complete this step, you have the option to edit the ‘Step Trigger’.

#3 How to request IDs? Is it a specific form that already been set up?

To facilitate onboarding, you will need to create a form of the ‘special project’ type. Additionally, within the Admin section, under Special Projects, you will also need to generate a special project link that is associated with the form. This link will then be available for use during the onboarding process.

For more detailed instructions on setting up a special project, please follow our user guide here.

Webinar: Create and update official documents

#1 If the candidate clicks on the discussion button, is there a way to resend it without starting the workflow again?

No. Typically, when there’s a recent change, either in the discussion or a decline, the only option to resend it is by using the clear and resend button—and this triggers the workflow again.

However, you can create an alternative workflow path specifically for resending without approval. In such cases, you may use this secondary path. If you’re concerned about unauthorised use, you can set up notifications to inform your team or a senior manager whenever a resent discussion occurs. This approach can help you maintain control while still achieving the desired outcome.

#2 Is there a way to apply formatting to a smart tag? Example, for a bank account number.

While there are certain formatting options available, like character limits, there is currently no dedicated validation for bank account or tax numbers in Official Form smart tags. However, if you gather bank account details / tax number on a payroll form, there is validation for New Zealand bank accounts. Therefore, we would suggest capturing that information on a payroll form rather than an official form document.

#3 How do I amend a job description attached to contracts?

We recommend maintaining the job description as a separate document that accompanies the contract. This approach offers flexibility when sending out the contract, allowing you to select the appropriate job description to include. If the job description is included within the contract document, it becomes challenging to make amendments.
We highly recommend separating the job description from the contracts, while acknowledging that they are used and signed together during the onboarding process.

#4 Can the discussion button be made inactive as we are also having issues with restarting the process?

Currently, we cannot disable that button on a client-by-client basis. As an alternative, you could create an alternate workflow path for ‘re-sending’ Official Documents, which could remove an approval process and make it easier to re-send. 

#5 What are the main differences between official documents and documents?

Regular documents don’t require any input from users or candidates. They can be likened to policies, where there may be a need for signature approval, but the content itself remains fixed. However, if you require variable fields like in a contract, such as the hire date or salary, then the official form document is the ideal choice. Official form documents also offer superior workflow options, allowing for approval processes before they are shared with candidates, or even in the opposite direction.

Webinar: Automated email reference check

#1 Is there any additional cost for RefCheck?

No. This is a part of our standard Applicant Tracking System (ATS) offering.

#2 Can I simply switch it on and start using it?

Enabling RefCheck provisions a very basic default project which contains simplified notifications and forms. For most businesses this will not provide useful information for reference checking. Configuring the default project and adding additional specialist projects is recommended for the best outcome. More information can be found here.

#3 Where do I find the RefCheck tab in the jobs screen?

Expanding the job and candidate will show the tabs associated with the candidate for that job. When RefCheck is enabled, it will be at the far-right hand side of the tabs. For customers with many aspects to their recruitment process some scrolling of tabs may be required.

#4 The RefCheck site is prompting me for a username and password – which one do I use?

The username and password used for logging into Ready Employ Vacancy manager as the Super user. This should match what was entered to Enable RefCheck. if you are not the Super admin, they may need to create an account for you. Most users don’t need to log into the RefCheck site as the progress tracking and results are presented in the Jobs screen.

#5 How do I change the questions in the Reference form?

In the RefCheck site you can edit forms in the forms page. Check out the forms user information for more details.

#6 Can I have more than one RefCheck journey as I only need one referee for seasonal workers?

Yes. In the RefCheck site, you can use the Projects page to create new projects. These are created based on the default project and allow selection of the forms for use and the number of referees needed. Detailed information can be found here

#7 Are the reference cheques available in the CRM for the candidate going forward or are they just visible in the job?

At the moment, candidates must be employed to undergo a reference check, as we typically seek references that are relevant to a specific role. We would love to hear about use-cases for sending out references directly from the CRM/Candidate Pool. Feel free to reach out if you would like to share any feedback on this matter.

#8 Does the system or can the system send prompts to the referees to remind them to complete the form?

Yes. This is a key part of a RefCheck project configuration. We can have reminders for both the candidate to provide their referees, and referees to complete the references.

#9 Can you apply your own branding or style choices to the reference forms?

The configuration and layout of the form question can be configured, however currently the branding is not configurable. If you have specific goals or encounter any issues, please reach out to our support team. We are always open to exploring possibilities and improving our offerings.

#10 Is it possible for the candidate to add referees while their application is in progress?

Yes. Candidates can fill in this information at any time depending on when you want the process to start. Referees can be completed in part and returned to later as well. There is no restriction on when a candidate can or can’t do this, and you can start the RefCheck process at a time that suits your recruiting needs.

For any queries or questions, please visit our support portal or email us at [email protected].