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Welcome to Ready People’s support centre. Here we answer frequently asked questions and provide guidance on how to get the most out of your app.

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The Ready People app is designed to give you quick and intuitive access to employee information. See below for list of common questions and use scenarios for Ready People app.

For a detailed view of the product screenshots – please download the Ready People user guide below.

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What is the purpose of the Ready People app?

Our Employee Self Service (ESS) app offers upgraded functionality, providing the workforce with greater flexibility and control to access essential payroll and HR data. Designed to give you easy access and ability to action important information anytime, anywhere.

Discover the power of the Ready People App with our informative One-Page Teaser. Explore key features that can revolutionise your organisation’s workforce.

        How do I download the mobile app? 

        1. To download the app, search “Ready People” on either Google Play Store or App Store.
        2. Once downloaded, launch the app and sign in using your existing credentials from Ready Pay Kiosk.
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              You can also find the Ready People poster here and download the app by scanning the QR code provided.

              Share the Ready People app QR code poster with your employees

              1. Make it easy to share the information to your employees that the Ready People app is here.
              2. Simply download the poster below that you can print and pop in your office noticeboards or email to your employees.

                    How do I sign in?

                    If your organisation has access to Ready People – you would be invited to create your password by an email invitation. If you’ve not received that email invitation, please reach out to your employer administrator.

                    What if I can’t sign in?

                    Hit the Reset password link. Check email is correct and if you still have issues logging in you can contact your employer administrator.

                    What if I forget my password?

                    If you forget your password, click Forget Your Password? in the Enter Your Password pop-up window. You will be required to enter your email address and the system will send you instructions to reset your password.

                    My settings is under the wrong employer when I log in?

                    Your email address may be registered under a few accounts – please refer to the section below to get instructions on ‘Switch Employer’.

                    How do I access my pay slips?

                    You can access your latest payslips from the home screen or view all your payslips : 

                    • From the home screen, click the ‘pay’ icon on the home screen or at the bottom ribbon.
                    • You will be able to view all your payslips.
                    • To open a pay slip, click on the payslip you wish to view.​

                    Please Note: You can use the functions available through your own devices such as share, download and print.

                    How do I request leave? 

                    1. From the home screen, click ‘My Leave’ button, select Request Leave. 
                    2. Under Request Leave, select the leave type and the leave reason
                    3. If the leave is part day, toggle on the Part day leave.

                    What are the leave types?

                    The leave types include but not limited to Personal (Sick) Leave, Long Service Leave, Annual Leave, Public Holiday, Leave Without Pay, Flexitime Paid etc. 

                    Please notethe options might be different for each business.

                    What do the leave reasons include?

                    The leave reasons include but not limited to Sick with certificate, Study Leave, Carers Leave, Not specified, Recreational, Leave to attend funeral, Board Meeting, Union Meeting, Family Leave, Sick No Certificate, Fire Warden Training etc.​

                    Please notethe options might be different for different business.

                    How do I select leave dates?

                    Select the first date of the last date of the leave, and if it is Part day leave, you can also select the start and end time.  

                    The approver should automatically show up.  

                    You can attach one document with maximum 3.5MB along with the leave request.  

                    You can also add relevant comments in the comment section.  

                    After checking all the details are filled in correctly, click Submit leave request. 

                    Can Ready People show leave balances?

                    Yes, click My Leave on the home screen or the bottom ribbon, the Annual Leave and Personal Leave will show up for your reference when requesting leaves.​

                    How do I select leave dates

                    Leave dates will appear after you click Request Leave. Slide the year, month, and date to make sure the correct information is selected. Then click Confirm.

                    What does approval mean?

                    The approval means the leave request needs to be approved by an approver in the organisation. The approver will automatically show up after you click Request Leave.

                    What do I put in comments?

                    You can add more relevant leave information depending on the organisation requirements.

                    How do I cancel my leave request?

                    To cancel the leave request:

                    • Click My Leave on the home screen
                    • Under Leave request, select the leave request that you would like to cancel
                    • At the top right there is a three dot option icon, click the icon
                    • The Cancel leave request option will show up – click it and you will see a warning page asking if you are sure you want to cancel the leave request and you can’t undo this action.

                    The warning page will also require you to provide a reason. You must provide a reason to be able to cancel the leave request. After you provide a reason, you can select Cancel leave. You can also click Cancel to keep the leave request.

                    How to switch employer in Ready People if I have more than one employer?

                    If you work across more than one employer, you have the ability to switch your information between employers.

                    To switch to another employer, click the top left icon beside your name from the home screen and then select the Switch employer button.

                    A list of your employers will appear, select the employer by clicking on the employer name. It will highlight in green with a green tick on the right.

                    How to access My details?

                    To access, from the home screen click the top left icon beside your name​. You will have 3 options available: Switch employer, My details, Preferences.

                    To view your personal details, select ‘My details’. A pop-up box will appear with three options: Personal details, Bank accounts, Superannuation. 

                    • The Personal details tab shows you all of the current information you have provided your employer.
                    • The Bank accounts tab is where you find information relating to your bank account details your Salary/Wages are send to. 
                    • The Superannuation tab is where you can find details and information about your Superannuation. From the Fund name, your ABN, date joined and Employer contribution.

                    How do I submit a timesheet? 

                    1. Select Time from the menu.
                    2. Select the top bar to select a date.
                    3. Select ‘Enter start and end time’ bar to enable the Start and End time button, you can slide and select the desired start/end time. You can also type in the break hours.
                    4. Enter any other necessary details. Once all the fields have been filled out, select Save entry.
                    5. Your timesheet entry will appear under ‘My time’.

                          What options do you have in Preferences? 

                          In Preferences, you have three options:

                          • Security
                          • Application
                          • Account

                          Security is where you can add a fingerprint, face recognition or a 4-digit pin code to log in.
                          Application is where you can find help, support, and turn your phone notifications on and off.
                          Account is where you can reset your password or sign out of the app.

                          Pin code

                          1. How to create a PIN code
                            Select PIN code, enter your 4-digit code and confirm your code. When you open your Ready people app, you can now log in with your PIN code:Click the top left icon beside your name from the home screen.
                          2. How to change a PIN code
                            To change your PIN code click #PIN code. Click change my PIN code. Repeat the steps to create a new PIN code.
                          3. How to disable a PIN code
                            To disable your PIN code Click #PIN code. Click Disable my PIN code. A confirmation message will appear, choose to disable, or keep.

                          Biometric login

                          Biometric is available to you for Fingerprint or face recognition and links to your own phone settings.
                          It is recommended to set a #PIN code as a fallback option.

                          What can I do in the Application sections?

                          The Application options in the Preferences toggle has three actions:

                          • Notifications – Turn notifications on or off by going to your phone settings. The toggle to open phone settings will be available and will send you to the correct screen in your phone settings.
                          • Help – Opens the online Ready People help centre
                          • Support – allows you to contact your organisation’s administrator.

                          What can I do in the Account settings?

                          The Account option in the Preferences toggle has two actions:

                          • Reset password – when this toggle is selected, confirm you would like to reset your password and you will receive an email notification.
                          • Sign out – a pop up will open to confirm you want to sign out of the Ready People app

                          How to I check the Ready People Version?

                          Click the top left icon beside your name from the home screen.

                          Click Preference, at the top of the page, you will see the current app version installed on your device.  


                          The Action hub allows the manager to access any outstanding actions, such as approve/deny leave requests.

                          For detailed product screenshots – please download the Ready People User Guide.

                          Download User Guide

                          How do I approve leave?

                          1. Select the Actions button at the bottom of your home page screen. The Actions hub page will have a green background
                          2. Click on the leave request
                          3. Review and Approve the leave by clicking the green Approve button
                          4. A confirmation message will appear, click Approve leave

                          How do I decline leave?

                          1. Select the Actions button at the bottom of your home page screen. The Actions hub page will have a green background
                          2. Click on the leave request
                          3. Review and Decline the leave by clicking the grey Decline button
                          4. A confirmation message will appear, and you must write a reason for declining the leave
                          5. Click the green Decline leave button

                          How do I view leave?

                            As an Employee, you can view your future approved leaves under Approved Leave in Action hub.

                            As a Manager, you can view the future leaves you have approved under Approved Leave in Action hub.

                            How do I approve timesheets? 

                              As a manager, you can approve your direct report employees’ timesheet in the Action hub. You can see the number of timesheets that need to be approved. 

                              You can select each individual employee to check their timesheet details, then Approve. 

                              If you select Manage, you can select multiple timesheet entries to approve by selecting the check boxes. Once timesheets are approved, the status will be changed to Approved. Employee Kiosk will reflect this status. 

                              How do I unapprove timesheets? 

                              If you select the timesheet entry, you have the option to select Unapprove Timesheets. Once you select it, the timesheet will be unapproved and the status will be changed to Submitted. 


                              As the payroll administrator, there’s a few more things you need to know before it can be rolled out to your organisation.  

                              For detailed information – please download the Ready People Admin Guide.

                              Download Admin Guide

                              How do I activate the mobile app? 

                              1. Log into your Ready Pay by HR3 Kiosk as an admin user.
                              2. Under ‘System Options’ click on Ready People.
                              3. Open the ‘Enable/Disable Ready People Mobile App’ tab.
                              4. Click on enable Ready People mobile app button.
                              5. Acknowledgment message with appear and ensure you click on both the check boxes (ensure you have read the admin guide and are aware of the change in login experience).
                              6. Hit the ‘OK’ button.
                              7. Proceed to wait while the activation takes place. The mobile app will be enabled once status changes to ‘completed’.

                                    Where can I find more information?

                                    For a detailed stepbystep guide on how to use the Ready People app and activate it within your workforce platform – please download the Admin Guide. 

                                    And visit the link below to learn more on how to roll out Ready People to your organisation.

                                          Learn more