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Administration Guide

Welcome to the beginning of your journey in introducing Ready People to your organisation. As the payroll administrator, there’s a few more things you need to know before it can be rolled out to your organisation.  

Read the information below to find out more.   

How to get started with Ready People

For a detailed stepbystep guide on how to use the Ready People app and activate it within your workforce platform – please download the Admin Guide. 

Download Admin Guide for Ready Pay


Getting started with Ready People is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Follow the guide below to learn how you can quickly get your organisation’s hands on the employee kiosk app.

1. Activate Ready People Icon

Activate Ready People

Congratulations on taking the first step to bring Ready People into your organisation! Before you can roll it out, you need to first activate Ready People to integrate the data between the app and your payroll system.

Follow the instructions in your Admin Guide, to learn how to activate Ready People in your payroll platform. 

  • Status window – once you’ve enabled Ready People, you’ll have a progress bar showing you when Ready People is ready.
  • Ready People enabled – Status will update to ‘Enabled’ when complete 

Please note: Once Ready People is enabled, the updates highlighted in the Admin Guide such as the login screen change will be permanent. If you choose to disable Ready People, that will only block employee access to the app. Please read more about what happens if you turn off Ready People here.

Your organisation’s employee data from your ReadyTech platform has been integrated with Ready People and is ready to roll-out! 

Ready ID login update – you will have a new login page, where any password resets or account verifications will be handled through the Ready ID platform. This means password resets will be automated and employees don’t have to come to you! 

Below is an example of the new login screen you would see.

Option 3

Before sharing the Ready People app with your wider organisation, it’s important to be familiar with the features and usability of the app.

Download the Ready People app, log in and have a play around! Refer to our User Guide to understand the full employee experience.

2. Launch Ready People Icon

Roll out Ready People to your organisation

Everything is set up and you’re ready to launch Ready People! Make sure your app is customised to suit your organisation.

Update company logo

Customise the branding of your home screen by uploading an image of your company logo. 

Update support contact details

Within the Ready People app, there is a ‘contact support’ link that you can update with an email address or URL to direct support to the right channel. Refer to the admin guide for detailed instructions 

Advance settings

Follow the admin guide to adjust all the settings (personal details, leave type, default employer etc) to suit your organisation needs.  

Invite your employees

Send email invites to launch Ready People within your payroll platform. We have created ready-to-send email templates that you can further edit or simply hit ‘send’ to email all your employees. You have customisation and settings to choose which employees to send to. Refer to the admin guide for detailed instructions

Be supportive

The early stages will be an adjustment, make sure you’re on hand to help answer questions. Keep the employee user guide link on file, start compiling a list of FAQs of queries and create a document to share.

3. Promote Ready People Icon

Promote Ready People and support the change management

Keep the excitement around Ready People going in your organisation. Apart from sending out the initial email invite, keep Ready People top of mind for your employees. Below are some ways you can do this.

Send a personalised email to your colleagues

In follow up to the Email Template Invite that all employees will receive, send out a personal note to your organisation about Ready People or use internal announcement channels to share the exciting news! 

Host a webinar

Upon launch, host a webinar to introduce your colleagues the Ready People, go over the benefits and features of the app, answer questions and highlight any internal process changes.  

Hang up posters

Hang up posters around your office with QR code to download the app or change your email signature for internal emails to reminder your colleagues that ‘Ready People is Available Now’ 

Share the How to download Ready People link, to gauge interest and show how easy it is to get started on Ready People

Ready People App downloads

Keep track over the next few weeks after launch, monitor how many of your employees have downloaded the app.  

Reach out to people leaders

Ensure everyone is onboard with the new app, start with the people leaders in your organisation. Make sure they have downloaded the app and encourage everyone within their teams to also download it. 

New employees

When new employees join the organisation, make it part of your onboarding process to send them Ready People invitation details.  

want to disable ready people?

If you decided to not use Ready People in your organisation anymore, you will need to disable it. To do that, follow the instructions from the admin guide to turn off Ready People within the payroll platform.  

Employees will not be able to login to Ready People app

They will receive an ‘error’ messaging and prompts them to contact Payroll for information

Login screen 

The employee desktop login experience will remain the same, the management of passwords and account verifications will be through ReadyID authentication.


For a detailed outline of the steps required to activate and roll-out Ready People within your platform, make sure you download and follow the instructions in the Administration Guide.

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If your payroll platform uses Ready Pay, please download the administration guide below.

Admin Guide for Ready Pay