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Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa

Hanmer Springs Pool
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Name:  Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa
Sector: Tourism
Employees:  130
Region:  Canterbury, New Zealand
Products: Thermal Pools & Spa
ReadyTech Product used: Ready Workforce

Using Ready Workforce, Hanmer Springs was able to save time and improve reporting capabilities. The automated workflows not only reduced manual processing, but freed up a lot of time to allow employees to focus on other important business activities.

Ready Workforce Benefit Reduced Manual Handling With The Help Of Automated Workflows
Ready Workforce Benefit Improved Employee Engagement
Ready Workforce Benefit Improved Productivity
Ready Workforce Benefit Improved Reporting
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About Hanmer Springs

Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa is one of New Zealand’s leading visitor attractions offering enriching experiences for its customers. From mineral rich thermal bathing and relaxing spa treatments to fun filled waterslides and activities, we offer a range of experiences that suit everyone. 

The Challenge

Hanmer Springs was on a mission to reduce manual handling by streamlining all their processes with an all-in-one system, particularly reducing the processing time of onboarding, training and payroll. With a large workforce of employees on-the-go, it was also important that they had effective rostering, as well as precise time and attendance tracking that could be managed without being onsite. 

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The Evaluation Process

The evaluation of platform options at Hanmer Springs was carried out by a carefully selected team, which included the Manager of Finance and Support Services, the Human Resources Manager who specialised in payroll management, and several line Managers who had a keen interest in rostering to ensure a comprehensive assessment.

The main areas of consideration were:

  • All-in-one system with HR functionality, in particular onboarding and training.
  • Cost effective solution designed to fit their employee size.
  • Training and support required during the implementation process.
  • Ease of use for onboarding and getting people into the payroll system. 
  • Comprehensive reporting and time-tracking. 

The Solution

Hanmer Springs had the opportunity to discover Ready Workforce through extensive Google searches and by connecting with other Zambion (now Ready Workforce) users. They were immensely impressed with the all-in-one functionality and onboarding process of the system, declaring it a true gamechanger for them.

The implementation process was seamless and highly personalised. Locally based, dedicated New Zealand Consultants really understood their business requirements, enabling Hanmer Springs to go live within just a few months of initiating the implementation. Additionally, Hanmer Springs received comprehensive training for both onboarding and payroll, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal utilisation of the platform from day one. 

The results

Leveraging Ready Workforce, Hanmer Springs have gained ongoing benefits that will positively impact their operations for years to come. Below are some of the benefits they have experienced since the time they have been actively using Ready Workforce

  • Time-saving: Reduced onboarding time has been a game changer. It’s now incredibly effortless to recruit and seamlessly integrate new hires into the payroll system. 
  • Increased employee engagement: Noticed a significant boost in employee engagement since implementing the self-service employee app. This empowers staff to manage their own expense claims and update their information anytime and anywhere. This efficient solution has effectively eliminated manual workload, streamlining Hanmer Spring’s processes and optimising productivity. 
  • Reduced manual workload: Ability to effortlessly send bulk emails or newsletter communications to all staff members within the system. Whether it’s important announcements, updates, or sharing vital information, Ready Workforce provided a seamless solution for streamlined communication within the team. 
  • Enhanced operations: The reduced backpay is a result of the ability to input the start date of an employees pay increase, allowing for more accurate and simplified compensation calculations. This capability ensures that employees receive the appropriate adjustments in a timely manner, promoting fairness and transparency in the payment process. 
  • Increased accuracy: Hanmer Springs implemented facial scanners across all areas to optimise the efficiency of employee shift start and end times. By leveraging cutting-edge facial recognition technology connected to each employees Ready Workforce profile, they have successfully enhanced the timeliness and accuracy of capturing employee attendance, resulting in smoother operations in record keeping and compliance and improved employee productivity. 

What’s next?

Ready Workforce is fully committed to enhancing its integration capabilities to greatly improve the seamless flow between recruitment, onboarding, and payroll procedures. This not only benefits Hanmer Springs but all of its valued users. 

To deepen their expertise, Hanmer Springs has expressed the desire for additional in-person training sessions specifically focused on the Training and Health & Safety modules. By providing more educational opportunities, Ready Workforce will be able to further improve the overall user experience and continued positive adoption. 

“ReadyTech is committed to continue providing innovative solutions and by continuing to develop our platform, we are paving the way for greater employee engagement and well-rounded performance.”

“Implementing Ready Workforce has revolutionised our daily operations. The employee self-service app is exceptionally intuitive, allowing staff to input their expenses and update personal information autonomously, liberating us from a significant amount of manual labour. The onboarding process is now remarkably streamlined—recruiting and integrating new team members into the payroll system has never been simpler. Plus, with everything on the cloud, payroll processing and updates can now happen from anywhere at any time, providing unparalleled flexibility and efficiency to our workforce management.”

Justine Rutherford, Finance & Support Services Manager
Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa New Zealand

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