Customer Experience (CX) Day as a global event is celebrating its 10th year today, 4 October 2022. While the CX profession is in its infancy compared to others like project management, business analysis and the like, it is good to see how far Customer Experience has evolved. At ReadyTech as a whole, the customer is at the heart of everything we do and is captured in one of our core values

Ready to put people first – We will always put people at the heart of our work – for our teams, customers and the communities that we serve. We never lose sight of the power of our people-centric technology to transform lives for the better.

To mark this special day, we interviewed our newest Executive, Janine Scott who joined the ReadyTech WFS Leadership Team in August, on her thoughts regarding CX Day:

Readytech Cx Day 2022 Janine Scott Final

What is your role at ReadyTech and how do you play a part in creating fantastic customer experiences?

My role is the Head of Commercial Operations – I come from a career that has largely been devoted to optimising and delivering great customer experiences. I enjoy seeing operations functions transform when they take an outside-in view on process design that impacts the customers as this highlights the value of those teams to a business. They are then sitting in the car driving the success of the business because they are driving the success for our customers.

Why is Customer Experience Day important?

For me I think it is an important day because it gives value to all the professionals who work tirelessly to deliver a great customer experience day in, day out. We get to honour those that go above and beyond by showcasing amazing examples of best practice or innovative improvements in this area. In addition it is a perfect opportunity to pause and reflect as a business to make sure we are always building and improving with that customer lens on at all times.

The theme of the year is ‘CX Drives Success’ – what does this mean to you?

Put simply – a great customer experience should be about driving success for your end customer. If the customer is more successful because of the experiences we have been able to provide, the business that delivered this will also be successful in its growth journey. The two are inherently related – so in order to drive your own success you first focus energy on driving the success of your customer.

Readytech Customer Experience

As a ‘customer’ yourself, what is your most memorable customer experience?

There are probably many business examples I could use here though I like to use this one for a few key reasons, we still talk about it often as a family so it left a lasting memory. It highlights that being customer first can start with something little and the most important point is – did we recommend this place to others and do we often stay at the chain as a result? Yes, we absolutely have become loyal customers.

I once stayed at a particular hotel with my family when my son was only about 4 years old and a huge Ninja Turtles fan. When we returned from our daily activities the hotel staff had made a towel animal of a turtle and placed it on the bed and moved our son’s toys in a circle around it. It was such a lovely touch and it made his day.


Readytech Cx Day 2022

Thank you Janine for your time. We loved your memorable customer experience at that hotel. It would definitely leave a lasting impression on your family.

Happy CX Day to all the teams who work tireless to put people first!