New Zealand is making crucial updates to its employment law, marking a significant step in improving workplace regulations. This important change requires businesses, HR professionals, and managers across the country to adapt their HR practices strategically. ReadyTech Workforce Solutions, a leading provider of HR solutions, is at the forefront, helping ensure that New Zealand businesses are fully prepared for these upcoming legal changes.

Why You Should Attend This Event?

  • Imminent changes in New Zealand’s legal landscape.
  • Recent cases highlighting significant compensation awarded for mental health violations in the workplace.
  • Resurgence of disputes related to flexible work arrangements.


Date: Thursday,  9 May 2024

Time: 1:00 PM NZST

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The webinar will feature a panel of experts, featuring Greg Cain and James Warren of Dentons New Zealand, and Senior Product Manager, Kathryn Cavanagh from ReadyTech. Join these industry experts as they explore the legislative changes in depth. This is a key chance to understand and adapt to future changes confidently. Ensure your business is ready to navigate New Zealand’s employment landscape. Mark your calendar now for a session designed to enhance your knowledge and preparedness.