In today’s fast-paced business world, companies are always looking to streamline their operations and gain a competitive edge. Recruitment is no exception, and with the advancements in technology, businesses have been able to revolutionise the way they recruit top talent. Cloud technology and automation have enabled companies to quickly fill roles with qualified individuals, improve the candidate experience, collate data for informed decision making, automate bulk hiring processes, and increase accuracy in recruitment. In this listicle, we explore how these innovative technologies are transforming recruitment and changing the face of talent acquisition.

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1. Reduced Time to Fill Roles

Automation and cloud technology have transformed the way companies hire, allowing them to reduce the time it takes to fill roles. Automated applicant lifecycle workflows help speed up your recruitment process from new employee requisition to candidate placement. Having the ability to take traditionally paper-based processes such as employee requisitions online, reduces the hassle that recruiters have to go through. Automating a candidate’s e-reference checking by offering the referee an online form to complete and submit also helps recruiters reduce the back and forth of setting up calls and getting details of a candidates referees. These examples of automation in the recruitment process allows companies to quickly fill positions with qualified individuals and get them onboarded faster.

2. Improved Candidate Experience

Cloud-based recruitment software also improves the candidate experience by providing an accessible, user-friendly platform for applicants to find jobs and submit applications. Candidates can easily search for openings, apply online, and self-manage their online profile plus view application history and communications throughout the recruitment process. Leveraging automation, the improved experience can follow a successful candidate through their onboarding process when they transition into the role. Features such as Ready Employ by Phoenix’s custom onboarding workflows allows companies to ensure that a successful candidate is on the most applicable and efficient onboarding journey to ensure that they are well-equipped for the role

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3. Data-Driven Insights

Automation and cloud technology provide organisations with valuable data-driven insights into their recruitment process which can help them identify areas of improvement in order to optimise future hiring efforts. Automated reporting tools and having all recruitment process taking place online allows for companies to keep track of the recruitment activities. With the increased accessibility to this data, they can make informed decisions about how best to allocate resources in order to achieve desired results while also minimising costs associated with recruiting efforts.

4. Increased Accuracy

Finally, automation and cloud technology can help improve accuracy in the recruitment process by automatically flagging resumes that contain errors or inconsistencies in information provided by applicants. Features such as creating custom forms and building multiple workflows also ensures that every organisation has the ability to ensure that the hiring workflow they have in place is best suited for their business needs. This helps employers ensure that they are only considering the right candidates who meet all of their requirements, saving them time in the long run while helping them make better hiring decisions overall.

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5. Efficient Bulk Hiring

Cloud technology has also enabled companies to automate bulk hiring processes for seasonal surge hiring needs. This allows companies in industries like agriculture, construction and retail to quickly find qualified candidates during the periods where their workforce may need to bulk rapidly to meet the demands of the season. Take Koala Cherries for example, a family owned cherry growing, packing and marketing business company that leveraged on Ready Employ by Phoenix‘s cloud-based talent management system to support their intensive seasonal hiring requirements. They needed to grow their labour force from 50 to 1200 during the harvest season. Before leveraging on technology, managing high-volume hiring during their harvest season was a source of stress for the Koala Cherries recruitment team. Now, they’ve managed to achieve a 60% improvement in recruitment efficiencies and a 70% reduction in admin burden with the help of automated workflows. Leaning on automation undoubtedly eases the challenges recruitment teams in such industries face during their peak season.

In conclusion, cloud technology and automation are transforming recruitment and impacting the way businesses acquire top talent. These innovative technologies provide a faster, more efficient, and accurate way of recruitment and allow companies to streamline recruitment processes, improve candidate experience, collating insights, automate bulk hiring capabilities, and increase the accuracy of recruitment decisions. Businesses that embrace these emerging technologies can gain a competitive edge in hiring top talent and remain ahead of the curve in talent acquisition. if you are looking for a way to automate your recruitment workflow in an efficient and effective way, explore Ready Employ by Phoenix here.