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Ready Employ May 2024 Product Update


What we’re working on Ready Workforce initiated re-contracting configuration The ability to connect Ready Workforce to Ready Employ to initiate re-contracting via Request to Hire workflows is now available. This brings the ability to enter key details in Ready Workforce staff details and initiate a Request to Hire workflow within Ready Employ. Leveraging system only

Ready Employ October 2023 Product Update


What we’ve done Notifications to third parties We have made changes to support more uses of the special projects and self service projects. we have added a new option for notifications at the completion of these projects to allow notifications to be sent to third party email addresses. These are being adopted for use to

Introducing Criteria integration to enhance your pre-employment checks


Criteria integration is now available We’re excited to announce our integration with Criteria in our Ready Employ platform. Criteria is an assessment tool used to evaluate candidate capabilities, designed to help recruiters make decisions about job-candidate suitability and success in a role. For all the Ready Employ users, it is now available to use. To

Automated Reference Checks now available

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Enable Automated Reference Checks Enhance your hiring process with our Automated Reference Checking Solution – available to all Ready Employ customers from 25 August 2023. Empower your admin users to enable RefCheck and personalise the experience for your organisation.  We have put together some user guides for your reference that covers everything from enabling RefCheck to configuring employee

Ready Employ Highlights – July 2023

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Manage Approval To Recruit (ATR) Effortlessly To further enhance our workflow-building capabilities, we are pleased to introduce a new endpoint in our advanced API (APIv2). With this new feature, customers with APIv2 access can effortlessly create and efficiently manage Approvals To Recruit. Updates to Self Service Module We have made updates to the Self Service

Ready Employ Educational Series – Questions and Answers

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Webinar: Managing Tracking Steps #1 Do SMS messages cost extra? While SMS is a really powerful way to elicit communication, to communicate with employees or candidates, there is an additional cost to it. #2 Is it possible to restrict permissions or permissions restrict certain tracking set CG tracking steps? Currently, there are two options available:

Ready Employ Highlights – June 2023

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Access onboarding Documents with ease In response to customers seeking simplified access to onboarding documents, we created a new endpoint within our advanced API (APIv2). This allows retrieval and storage of documents related to employees outside of Ready Employ via system to system interactions or automation. Enhanced Onboarding to Payroll Integrations We’ve enhanced the Self

Ready Employ Highlights – May 2023

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Payroll Integration configuration by Client Bringing greater flexibility and customisation to admin users, we have implemented changes to allow customers with multiple employing entities to configure their payroll integrations independently. With this improved functionality, admin users can now configure the payroll integration by client. This is often used by trans-tasman employers to accommodate differences in

Starting strong: How to create a positive onboarding experience

How To Boost Your Brand And Attract Top Talent

First impressions matter, and with employee turnover at its highest level in over a decade, the way you engage new hires is vital to retention.  The latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates that 21% of Aussie workers have been in their current job for less than one year. In fact, our mobility

Skill up on Ready Employ: Join our Free Webinars

At ReadyTech, we value you as our customer and want to ensure you make the most of Ready Employ, regardless of your experience level. Our free educational webinars provide valuable insights and tips to help you get the most out of this powerful tool. Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to the platform, we